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Dressing for a Celebration of Life

An alternative to a slideshow is when we can make a storytelling video from your photo collection, a really special way to captivate the room, without you having to say too much yourself. A lovely personal way to commemorate your loved one, we can help you to create a beautiful photo book that you may want to give to particular family members or friends as a keepsake.

From simple invitation cards, to a one page order of service to a booklet, there are many simple creative ways we can help you to plan and enjoy personalised stationery.

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As part of our Personalised Cremation package, an online announcement page is included. You can also order this separately with our Simple Cremation. We can also set up an online RSVP so you can easily manage invitations with reply notifications arriving in your inbox, and a spreadsheet with your guest list before the event.

When you have family and friends in different locations around the world — or UK, we can help you live stream the service. Fill out my Wufoo form! Call to speak to Nick or Jacqui about arranging a Celebration of Life service. As a husband and wife team, we hold your hand each step of the way to help organise a memorable send-off event.

Funerals vs. Celebration of Life Services

Celebration of Life. Even though a celebration of life is perhaps the most casual setting to celebrate the loss of a loved one, you still want to pay your respects to the family and friends. Women should avoid wearing:. On the other hand, men can have an easier time finding what to wear to a celebration of life ceremony.

For this occasion, wearing a suit is not necessary, unless the family chooses to have a black-tie or formal ceremony.

Celebrations of Life

Opt for a semi-formal attire instead; jeans, shorts, or even slacks are allowed. Colors can be more bright, and reds, yellows, oranges, blues, greens, white, and every other color will work for this occasion. Again, black is not at all required. Even though men have more freedom to choose from, there are still some items that are not recommended to wear to a celebration of life ceremony:.

As with any event, there will always be some exceptions.

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Celebration of life ceremonies tends to be different from wakes, funerals, or memorial services. Many families will choose to host a themed celebration of life that may include wearing:. These are some ideas to keep in mind when looking at what to wear to a celebration of life invitation. If you ever have a question or are unsure about the dress code, reach out to the family, take a second look at the invitation, or ask a close friend what they are wearing to have a better idea of what you should wear.

Just remember, no matter the style, your outfit should still be respectful to the family members and those attending the ceremony. We're here in your time of need.

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Dressing for a Celebration of Life. What to Wear to a Celebration of Life When someone dies, we need an opportunity to say goodbye, to honor their loves, and to celebrate the legacy they left behind. It can be as unique as the person you are honoring. It is entirely up to you to decide what is right for your ceremony.

Celebration of Life or Funeral: What’s the difference?

You are free to include only those components that your loved one would approve of or that you and your family are comfortable with. Rex Huppke: "My father was never what you'd call a people person. He preferred being on his own, puttering around his workshop or relaxing in the recliner, pondering the world's mysteries and searching for ideas no one else had considered.

Mary Schmich: "When your father dies. Let the phrase settle for a moment.


What words do you hear next? For anyone whose father has died, finishing the sentence is apt to be easier than reciting the alphabet.

Let Us Help with a Celebration of Life Service

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